Cheap Flights to Bora Bora

Looking for cheap flights to Bora Bora? Here are the ways you can save money on your Bora Bora flights.

Save Dollars on Flights to Bora Bora

Book return flights to Bora Bora to save 10% on the cost of two one-way fares.

  • Your flights to Bora Bora, and back to Papeete can be via Raiatea or Huahine. If you would like to stop off at these other islands, buy a 'Pass Bleu'. This enables you to also visit Raiatea, Huahine and Moorea for much less than the cost of buying 4 tickets. Flights must be booked in advance and date changes (not routes) are possible.
  • Air Tahiti has great packages that include Bora Bora flights and other islands, transfers and hotels, plus some breakfasts and excursions. These cost much less than if you booked everything separately.
  • Cards de Réduction
    These can only be purchased at Air Tahiti's down-town Papeete office located at the corner of Rue Marechel Foch and Rue Edouard Ahnne. It's closed on Sunday. Identification and one photo must be shown. Be aware that when you purchase inter-island tickets while in Tahiti your baggage allowance will only be 10 kilos.

  • Travellers under 25 can buy a Carte Jeune
  • Those over 59 a Carte Marama.
  • They cost CFP 1,000. These cards give discounts of up to 50%. Full discounts only apply to off-peak flights to Bora Bora and other islands.

    Family Cards de Réduction
    These cost CFP 2,000. These cards give a 50% reduction for parents and 75%for children under 12. Full discount is only given for off-peak flights to Bora Bora and other islands.

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