A Bora Bora Map is the first thing you need for planning a Bora Bora vacation

Bora Bora Map

When you arrive at Vaitape Port, walk to the right and be welcomed by this Bora Bora map. Bora Bora Tourism Center is behind it to the right, so stop in and pick up a map of your own.

A map of Bora Bora Island will show you some of the most unique geography on earth. Bora Bora sits in a calm lagoon that is circled by motus (islets). The ambiance is like that of a big, blue, warm swimming pool, with a lush green backdrop.

As most of the Bora Bora beaches are privately owned, the resort you choose will provide the setting for hours and hours of entertaining beach ecstasy.

See below for my map of Bora Bora with my favourite attractions!

Map for choosing your Bora Bora Resort

The beautiful Bora Bora Resorts are located on pure white sand beaches and each has a different outlook.

Check their locations on the Bora Bora map below. Resorts on the eastern motus offer amazing views across to Bora Bora island and Mt Otemanu. Or a villa facing the Pacific Ocean.

Resorts on the main island have the convenience of being close to shops, restaurants and Matira Beach. The Hilton Nui Resort is tucked privately away on Motu Toopua with wonderful sunset views and great snorkeling. Another resort is on tiny Motu Piti Uuuta so you can paddle round to the 'Aquarium', at your leisure, for some amazing snorkeling.

Map with Bora Bora Attractions

Here is an interactive map of Bora Bora Island with the attractions I have discovered during my Bora Bora vacations. You can print out this practical map to take with you, as it has many more locations and attractions marked on it than the map you will receive from your hotel. You could even laminate this Bora Bora map to keep it dry during your Bora Bora lagoon adventures! Click on the place-marks on the map to find out more information about each location.

Bora Bora Boat Map
Boating Map of Bora Bora Lagoon

Map of Bora Bora for exploring the lagoon

I love being on the Bora Bora lagoon. I always hire a boat for the day to explore the places I love most at my own pace. A map is essential for touring the lagoon by boat. It will point out where the public beaches are and guide you to the best Bora Bora snorkeling. It will also show you the very shallow areas of the lagoon that you will want to avoid. So make sure you are given a map of Bora Bora before heading off on your lagoon adventure.

Bora Bora Map for Circling the Island Road

The Circle Island Road winds around the perimeter of Bora Bora so it is easy to follow. You can tour the island road on a tour, or on your own, and visit the Bora Bora Attractions. Note that there are several roads to turn off to great look-outs with views over the Bora Bora lagoon.

Many of the inland roads become rugged, and should only be driven with a 4WD. If you decide to visit these hidden places on your own, make sure you have a Bora Bora map that indicates these roads. They may become dirt tracks, so you need to feel comfortable roughing it.

I don't like driving there myself so a good way to explore these inland attractions is to take a 4WD tour. These land excursions can get as rugged and adventurous as you want. Just ask your guide! The locals can take you to places that you would not find yourself, and give you an entertaining and informative day.

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