Where is Bora Bora?

Are you one of those asking 'Where is Bora Bora?'

Far from the madding crowd, there is a pristine island paradise known as Bora Bora.

Every month, 4 million people are searching for Bora Bora, on Google that is! But only a lucky few actually find their way to explore this mysterious tropical isle.

Those who do, are enchanted by the tranquility. They traverse the lush terrain, lie on the white sand Bora Bora beaches and linger in the warm, blue, Bora Bora lagoon.

Bora Bora has white sand beaches fringing a calm turquoise lagoon

Where is Bora Bora Located?

Seeking magical Bora Bora? Think of the vast Pacific Ocean. Look way out to the middle of this water mass and put your finger on the globe about half way between Australia and Peru. Move it to just below the equator, and you will locate French Polynesia. Five great archipelagos are scattered across this remote territory of the South Pacific.

Where in the world is Tahiti © GIE Tahiti Tourisme

Because Tahiti is the largest island, it has become the main island. Travelers fondly call French Polynesia, 'Tahiti and her islands'. Often this is abbreviated to 'Tahiti'. So you may hear Bora Bora and other islands referred to as Tahiti.

The most recognized archipelago is the Society Islands. This exotic group, with the alluring names of Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa and Maupiti, has for many years captured the attention of romantics, and summoned them to it's shores. Amongst those who heard the call are painter Paul Gauguin, writer James Michener, and actor Marlon Brando.

Those venturing to Bora Bora enter the Society Islands through Papeete, on Tahiti. Papeete is about 4,000 miles south east, across the ocean, from the bustle of Los Angeles.

Flying here is just 3 hours past Hawaii. There are 3,800 water miles between Papeete and Sydney, and takes about 7 hours to fly.

Overwater bungalows looking out to Mt Otemanu

Where is Bora Bora in the Society Islands?

Bora Bora lies among the Society Islands which are divided into two groups. Those on the right have been named the Leeward Islands. Here sits Tahiti, Queen of the Pacific, whose name whispers romance! To the north-east of Tahiti lies the magical, green velvet island of Moorea, popular for it's sweet pineapples!

The western cluster is referred to as the Windward Islands. Here, Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa and Maupiti rise above the ocean. Huahine with it's lush forest and untamed landscape is a garden of Eden. On sacred Raiatea, homeland of the ancient Polynesians, the re-telling of legends keeps Polynesian culture alive.

For those who love vanilla flavored ice-cream, flower shaped Tahaa flourishes as the vanilla island. Maupiti is Bora Bora's little cousin. Where is Bora Bora? The Jewel of the Pacific, Bora Bora Island, poses majestically amongst these Windward Islands.

Islands of French Polynesia © GIE Tahiti Tourism

Bora Bora is recognized as one of the scenic wonders of the world. This cherished isle is 11 square miles of lush vegetation with the mysterious souring silhouettes of 2 extinct volcanoes towering over it. Bora Bora is often called the most beautiful island in the world and casts a spell over travelers. Everyone who goes there is enthralled and wants to return.

Boats voyaging to Bora Bora have only one entry point to Bora Bora lagoon. They must navigate a carefully calculated passage through a single channel, as Bora Bora is ringed by a sparkling necklace of palm fringed motus (small islands). This splendid formation has created the warm, tranquil, tiffany-blue lagoon that surrounds Bora Bora and completes this island paradise.

Most people only know Bora Bora as the setting for movies like 'South Pacific', 'Mutiny on the Bounty' and 'Couples Retreat'.

But like others who go for a Bora Bora vacation, you can star in your own romantic beach getaway. So, keep on asking, 'Where is Bora Bora?', until you find yourself sipping the intoxicating beauty of tropical Bora Bora.

You can use this Google map below, to zoom in around Tahiti, and explore where Bora Bora is in relation to where you live.

View Bora Bora and the Society Islands in a larger map

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