Bora Bora Restaurants For Fine Dining

The sunset view from the Bora Bora Yacht Club is as good as the food!

Compare the dining experience offered at each of the best Bora Bora restaurants so you can decide the ones you most want to visit on your vacation. Bora Bora resorts have beautiful restaurants but it's also fun to get out in island paradise and eat at some of these iconic Bora Bora restaurants too.

Bora Bora Yacht Club Restaurant

The Bora Bora Yacht Club restaurant serves excellent food, at great prices, in a relaxed lagoon-side setting. The menu offers a wide choice of dishes. Many have a Polynesian focus with a French twist. Their specialty is very fresh seafood but if you're hungry for a succulent steak they can do that perfectly too. You'll also experience the friendliest hospitality on the island here. See why the Yacht Club is one of our favorite Bora Bora restaurants. Main courses are 1.900XPF/$20 to 2.400XPF/$25.

The Bora Bora Yacht Club is located lagoon side, a few minutes north of Vaitape. You can arrive by boat. Open for lunch and dinner.
Tel. (689)67.60.47

Lagoon Restaurant by Jean-Georges

The St Regis Lagoon deserves a special mention. It's one of the best Bora Bora restaurants and offers world class dining, over water, in a stunning ambiance. Eating in it's sheik indoors or outside on it's deck under the stars will create life long memories.

The Lagoon Restaurant looking out to Mt Otemanu on a cloudy summer day
Grand dining: inside or outside Inside the Lagoon Restaurant

Having a meal here also provides the opportunity to visit the classy St Regis Bora Bora Resort which we find delightfully friendly. Prices for appetizers are 3.300XPF/$35, entrees/mains range from 4.100XPF/$44 to 5.600XPF/$60, and deserts are about 2.050XPF/$22. They're similar to Villa Mahana.

St Regis is on Motu Ome'e. When you book, resort boat shuttle times need to be considered. There's one at 5pm. Lagoon is open 6pm for dinner. It's bar opens 5pm. Tel.60.78.88 or contact St Regis through it's website.

La Villa Mahana

At Villa Mahana, Damien Rinaldo Dovio, a Corsiacan chef de cuisine, offers a superb, gastronomic menu which is served in an arty, romantic setting. He has 6 tables out on the patio and moves them inside during rainy weather.

A 7th table, in a private alcove, looks down on the garden courtyard. Influenced by his origins, Damien imaginatively combines local Polynesian ingredients with exotic spices, to magnify flavors. There's a wide selection of very special gourmet dishes to choose from.

The private 7th table at Villa Mahana

Expect to pay about 38.000XPF/$400 per couple if you have 3 courses and make a selection from his impressive French wine list. The unique Bora Bora dining experience is worth it! Damien offers less tables than other Bora Bora restaurants so book ahead if you want to taste his talent with food.

La villa Mahana is located on the mountain side between Vaitape and closed Hotel Bora Bora. Open Monday to Saturday for dinner only. Free pickup service. Reserve 2 months in advance for high season.
Tel. 67.50.63

Bora Bora Maikai Restaurant

Chef Teiva was born in Hawai and grew up in Tahiti. He studied French cuisine in Paris and has an American wife. So there's an American influence on the Polynesian inspired French fusion menu which features steak and seafood. Dishes change daily. Popular ones include the tuna platter, mahi mahi with vanilla sauce, and a tasty hamburger. The chocolate cake and mango & passion fruit cheese cake are tasty. MaiKai's staff can serve good meals for large parties.

Maikai is on the side of the lagoon in the old Top Dive Hotel, but seating is indoors. There's a lounge bar (with a Maikai martini) where local French ex-pats and tourists hang out. A talented local band plays popular songs and you can dance between courses.

Prices are not cheap, but they're similar to some other Bora Bora restaurants. You can have a meal of shared salad, 2 main courses, and a desert for 9.400XPF/$100.

Maikai is located lagoon side, a few minutes north of Vaitape. Open for lunch and dinner. Free transfers with dinner bookings. Tel 60.38.00

Restaurant St James

Restaurant St James offers French Polynesian fusion style cooking, in a delightful lagoon side ambiance. Service is friendly and the food is beautifully presented and delicious (except on rare occasions when they are understaffed). Favorites include tuna 'prepared 4-ways' and a crème brulee trilogy of flavors.

Restaurant St James is easy to miss, it is at the end of this shopping complex

You can opt to dine indoors or alfresco on the deck above the lagoon. There's also a little fare for private, romantic dining. In the evening manta rays swim by, hoping for scraps. You'll pay around 22.500XPF/$240 per couple for cocktails, 2 courses and a bottle of wine. They also offer a simpler menu at lunchtime.

Restaurant St James is located in Vaitape, at the back of the St Helen's Shopping Center, alongside the lagoon. If you arrive by boat there's 2 places to tie up at the dock. Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Free pick up service for dinner. Tel. 67.64.62

Kaina Hut

The Kaina Hut is a large, open-sided Polynesian fare with a sand floor. In October 2012 Ives handed the chef's hat to Loren from Corsica, who is now managing the restaurant with his wife. We can't tell you about the new menu or dining experience yet. But as Loren has Damien at Villa Mahana's reputation to live up to, and new restaurant owners always try harder, the food may be good. Let us know!

Kaina Hut Restaurant Bora Bora

Kaina Hut is on the mountain side in Pofai Bay. Open for dinner. Free transport. Tel. 67.54.06

Bloody Mary's

Bloody Mary's is the most famous of the Bora Bora restaurants and has become a main tourist attraction in Bora Bora. On arrival you are greeted with a board boasting names of celebrities who have dined here. It's island-style décor with thatched roof, sand floor and tree trunk bar stools has a funky, casual atmosphere. Check out the surprise in the men's room that gets patrons whispering.

Inside Bloody Mary's

At dinnertime the 'menu' is displayed on a bed of ice. Choose from a variety of seafood and a selection of New Zealand beef cuts, as you enter, and it will be charbroiled for you. Fresh fish costs 3.000XPF/$32, lobster is 8.000XPF/$85 and a beef meal is 3.000XPF/$32. It's easy to get a table here.

Reviews of the food are so mixed that we've never eaten here. You don't have to have a meal to visit this icon. We stop by just for a cocktail on our way to or from stunning Matira beach. The house cocktail, a Bloody Mary, is only 650 XPF/$7.

Bloody Mary's is located on the mountain side in Pofai Bay, just under a km before Matira Beach. Open for lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday and on boat days. Closed Christmas to 11th January. Bar open from 9.30am to 11pm. Free dinner transport from some locations.

Restaurant Fare Manuia

Fare Mauia has a lovely atmosphere, serves good simple food, and has non-stop service. You'll meet more locals here than at any other of the Bora Bora restaurants. They gather here on Friday night. On the patio out the back there's a bar and a swimming pool which was bought from the closed Hotel Bora Bora. There's a cocktail of the day for 1.200XPF/$13.

It has a wood fired pizza oven in the front terrace area and offers 28 pizza choices priced from 1.200XPF/$13 to 1.900XFP/$20. The day menu also has 15 different paninis and 15 types of burgers, all served with fries. The dinner menu is a combination of gastronomic French cuisine and island specialties. Dishes start at 1.800XPF/$19 and a 3 course menu is 3.900XPF/$41.

Restaurant Fare Manuia is located on the lagoon side just after the turn-off at Point Matira. It's open daily from 11.30am to 10pm. Free pick up for dinner. Tel. 67.68.08 / 72.52.84

La Bounty

La Bounty offers a French menu in an island sand-floor décor which is a little tired. But it has an extensive menu with some delicious sauces. You can have a simple pizza, a tender beef rib or opt for shrimp, salmon or steak with a choice of sauces.

La Bounty is another of the Bora Bora restaurants frequented by French locals. The quality of the food and service depends on how busy the staff is. A large pizza is 1.500XPF/$16 and most entrees/mains cost $30.

La Bounty is located a few minutes north from Point Matira, between Le Maitai and the Sofitel. It's also walking distance from Le Moana. It's open for lunch and dinner. Closed Monday.

The Best Bora Bora restaurant?

We'd pick lagoon at St Regis, and the Bora Bora Yacht club as our favorite Bora Bora restaurants.

Eating In Bora Bora

It's not cheap to eat at Bora Bora restaurants but it's important to understand that most of the food has been imported, and traveled long distances. Because of the French presence in Bora Bora, wages are high too. We recommend choosing fresh, island foods and flavors as often as possible. Here's how to eat as the locals do. Bora Bora Island also has a variety of cafes where you can have lunch or dinner for cheaper prices.

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