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The Bora Bora Yacht Club Restaurant is popular among tourists and sailors. From the friendly service, to the presentation of super-fresh, generous portions of delicious food. All this is provided in a relaxed lagoon side, island ambiance.

The cuisine is Polynesian with a French twist. If you must have a steak (when you're in the middle of the Pacific Ocean) it will be served up perfectly. We take advantage of the opportunity to feast on fresh, succulent seafood delivered straight from the fishing boats onto the yacht club's wharf.

When comparing Bora Bora restaurant prices, the dishes at the Yacht Club are value for the quality of the food. Main courses cost between $20 to $25 and will satisfy. You can choose to eat undercover or under the beautiful Bora Bora sky on the open deck, alongside the lagoon.

bora bora yacht club dining

Want Recommendations?

The Bora Bora Yacht Club Restaurant menu offers a wide selection, so there's something for everyone's taste and budget. You can pick anything you fancy on the menu and it will be 'mouth-watering' good. Try the trio of Tahitian fish for a real taste of French Polynesia. Sample a dish which includes island flavors like vanilla, curry or lime. If you want a simple meal, the Mahi Mahi burger is the best lunch snack we've had on the island.

Trio of Tahitian Fish
The freshest Mahi Mahi burger on Bora Bora

Friendly Island Welcome

Excellent food and service is delivered in a vibrant atmosphere which differs according to the time of day, and month of the year. Depending on when you go, you may experience a quiet lunch for two (in the whole restaurant that is) right on the water's edge, watching the fish swim by, or you could be in a jovial cosmopolitan crowd chatting with a mixture of locals and happy holidaymakers.

bora bora yacht club viewView from the Yacht Club Dining Area

Want a really romantic moment? The club faces west, so looks directly across the watery horizon. The most pleasurable way to appreciate a glorious sunset in Bora Bora is at the Yacht Club, sipping one (or more) of their freshly made pina coladas. You'll truly appreciate why Bora Bora is constantly voted the best tropical island in the world!

The Best Sunset View in Bora Bora

Swimming or Socializing

Discovering the Bora Bora Yacht Club is not just about finding the best food in Bora Bora. It's also a fun place to leisurely hang out. Near the bar area you can play (free) pool with the club staff or locals. It's a family business. Staff are genuinely friendly and speak a few languages. Swim off the pontoon and relax through the afternoon. There's an enclosure where even children can swim safely with the friendly rays.

The casual bar serves drinks during the afternoon and evening. Julien made us pina coladas with freshly squeezed coconut milk. We think of pina coladas and the Bora Bora Yacht Club synonymously. In the evenings during the busy months you may sit at the bar and chat to visitors from Turkey, England, Russia or Brazil.

Dance Under the Stars in Bora Bora

Looking for some Bora Bora night life? After everyone has finished eating dinner, the restaurant area is cleared to create a dance floor. Disco lighting is turned on and the sound system plays music until there is no one left standing! You'll experience some of the best night life in Bora Bora at this restaurant/bar/nightclub.

Meet Sailors with Stories to Tell!

When I first read about the Bora Bora Yacht Club I made an image similar to the Rose Bay Yacht Club near my Sydney home. What a surprise I had when I arrived. It's an authentic Polynesian fare with a pontoon and a few moorings nearby.

How surreal it is to sit and talk with sailors who have navigated their way across the Pacific in search of the most beautiful island in the world. We met a man from Brisbane who had his yacht on a mooring. He'd been sailing to Bora Bora over 35 years and seen a few changes!

If you are an adventurous seafarer planning to sail your yacht to Bora Bora, the cost of mooring at the Bora Bora Yacht Club is 2000 XPF for the first night, 1500 XPF for extra nights, and 9000 XPF for a week. Showers are provided free. You will be greeted like family, and find yourself bobbing next to the best eating in Bora Bora. Luckily moorings get cheaper if you stay a month. You may be tempted!

Bora Bora Yacht Club History

The original Yacht Club was built by Americans in 1974. It's safe position, in a little bay, was carefully selected because it is sheltered from winds, has no underwater hazards, and is close to the only pass into the lagoon.

On February 3rd 2010 most of the Yacht Club's buildings were destroyed by Cyclone Oli. The site was sold to the current owners. They lovingly restored the historic club. In June 2011 it re-opened, and continues to be a beacon to yachtsmen around the world who brave the planet's largest ocean to sail into the seductive Bora Bora lagoon.

Enjoying the best Pina Coladas in Bora Bora

Getting to the Bora Bora Yacht Club

The Bora Bora Yacht Club restaurant is located on the lagoon, north of Vaitape village. It's a 15 minute walk along the Circle Island Road from Vaitape. You can ask the concierge at your resort to book, and someone from the Bora Bora Yacht Club restaurant will pick you up and drop you back to your hotel or it's shuttle base for free. If you're on a cruise ship, use the phone box near the Vaitape Wharf.

Those taking a private lagoon tour can have the thrill of arriving by water for lunch, dinner or just a social drink. Ask your guide to drop you off at the yacht club's wharf at the end of your excursion.

Best Restaurant in Bora Bora

The Bora Bora Yacht Club Restaurant is on our list of top Bora Bora restaurants. There are many delightful experiences to be found on this island. Read about our wonderful afternoon at the best spa in Bora Bora. Here's more top things to do in Bora Bora.

Thank you Quindez, Heiazii, and Julien for your warm hospitality and amazing food. We love being able to recommend a Bora Bora restaurant that we know will exceed visitor expectations!

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