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Looking for the best Bora Bora vacation packages? Bora Bora is a vacation unlike any other! Unlike Hawaii or the Caribbean, Tahiti is not an all-inclusive vacation destination. So we'll help you design you own perfect Bora Bora vacation package.

There are some places that you can easily book your own trip through the internet, but Tahiti is not a place that we recommend doing that! Read on to find out all the reasons why we recommend you book through a Tahiti travel specialist for your Bora Bora vacation packages.

What to look for in a Bora Bora vacation Package?

Better than internet rates

You may be surprised to find out that you will probably end up with a Bora Bora vacation package for less by booking though a Tahiti specialist. This is because they have access to wholesale rates - and on the internet you don't!


Itineraries specially designed for you

A good travel agent will spend time to speak with you to better understand your travel preferences.There is so much to consider around all the logistics and package options, that you will ensure you have a hiccup free journey if you book your Bora Bora vacation package through someone who is in-the-know of Tahiti and her islands.

Want an over-water bungalow located at the end of the pontoon for privacy? Or near the beach so there's less of a walk? Or maybe you want to be in shallow water because you are not a confident swimmer. Your travel planner will guide you to the best resort and room for your needs. 

The specialist service you will receive from a Tahiti travel agency like this one, is unlike anything you can organize yourself. They will also only sell the Bora Bora resorts that they know their guests will have a good experience at. 

Travel support

Booking with a Bora Bora travel specialist, you will also receive complete support during your travel, including emergency trip adjustments. You'll be given all the essential information and fun information too - like tours, dining suggestions, and spa treatments.

A Tahiti specialist like Pacific For Less has built long, loyal relationships with the Bora Bora resorts. The connection means that you will be looked after better than if you were a one-off internet booking. Because if anything were to occur, your travel planner would be on the phone to the resort and getting it fixed!

Bonus nights in Bora Bora vacation packages

The best deals will often include bonus nights. Pay 2, stay 3 and Pay 5, stay 7 are specials you can find when you organize your Tahiti vacation package. We find that the best way to get a deal is to book through a Tahiti specialist who is in the know of the best packages around.

Make sure it includes breakfast

The breakfast buffet at your hotel can set you back $70 per person before your day has even begun, so make sure it is included in your Bora Bora vacation package.

Conrad Bora Bora Nui Resort breakfast buffet

Maybe not all inclusive meals

There are reasons why we don't recommend including a full meal plan in your Bora Bora package (more on this here). But if you want to be able to indulge in meals three times a day (or even just twice a day), your Tahiti vacation specialist can include that in your Tahiti vacation package. If there is a special offer on at your hotel that makes the all inclusive meal package enticing - then include it!

Include some excursions

Pre-booking your excursions into your vacation package is a good thing to do because:

  • It makes sure you don't miss out on your favorite excursions
  • You pay less for the excursion by booking it up front with the Tahiti specialist, than booking it with your hotel when you are in Bora Bora.
  • You make your package closer to an "all inclusive" package by bundling it all together.

You can also read reviews and prebook fabulous excursions here.

bora bora snorkeling excursion

Look for added bonuses

Some packages will include a free excursion thrown in - if you pay your deposit on time! So make sure you take advantage of offers like this when you book your vacation. Another benefit of booking with an agent like Pacific for Less, is they give you unique VIP enhancement options of your choice and you'll also be entered into their Brando Private Island Referral Contest for your chance to win a trip back to Tahiti!

How to save money on your Bora Bora vacation?

We've been helping people (just like you) plan awesome Bora Bora vacations for over 5 years. And after listening to what thousands of visitors are eager to know, decided to put the most valuable information into a time-saving, easy-to-read e-book. 'How to make your dream Bora Bora Vacation reality' is a practical shortcut to savvy ways of both saving money and getting the most value for dollars spent. It also shares clever traveler insights on how to actually make a Bora Bora vacation affordable for those on a budget.

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