Tahiti Vacation

These are the moments when you know you are on a Tahiti Vacation, and not in the Caribbean or Hawaii or anywhere else!

You know you have arrived in Tahiti when you are welcomed with a freshly opened coconut and a Conch shell being blown


On a Tahiti vacation you have plenty of opulent restaurants to choose from. But sometimes it's just as much fun to do as the local Polynesian's and eat at the roulettes. They are food vans offering everything from steak and chips, Chinese, crepes and fresh fish.

Tahiti roulettes

On a vacation in French Polynesia, boat is one of the main forms of transport! The sight of outrigger canoes catching the wake behind the boats is a sure sign that you're in Tahiti.

Tahiti outrigger canoes

Tropical flowers adorn the road sides everywhere you look. Frangipanni and hibiscus flowers bloom in so many colours!

Tahitian frangipanni flower
Tahitian frangipanni flower

You know you're on vacation in these islands when you hear the sweet sound of the ukulele.

Tahitian ukulele

You know you're in Tahiti when you are drinking freshly opened coconuts at glamorous resorts!


Or when you see fields of pineapples...

Tahitian pineapple

You know you're in Tahiti when you see roosters crossing the road!

Tahitian rooster

And oyster shells are used to decorate...

Tahitian pearl shells

Shells decorations are part of the Tahitan culture. You will see creative shell work everywhere.

Tahiti shells

You know you're on a Tahitian island when you go for a swim and a local dog makes friends with you and joins in.

Tahiti Dog

And the proud local Hinano beer logo is everywhere...

Hinano logo

A stay in aOver water bungalow is uniquely Tahiti. They are a BIG sign that you are in Tahiti. They might be the most unique vacation sign.

over water bungalows

Rainbows! You will almost always catch a rainbow in Tahiti during a brief tropical sun shower.

Tahiti rainbow

Seing the daily catch hung up for sale on the road-side is another reminder you're on a Tahitian vacation!

Tahiti rainbow

And the number one sign that you are on a Tahiti vacation is...

Mt Otemanu in Bora Bora!

Tahiti rainbow

Dreaming of a Tahiti vacation but don't want to travel so far from home? Did you know there is a little bit of Tahiti paradise in Las Vegas?

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