Snorkeling for beginners in Bora Bora

Don't know how to snorkel? Snorkeling for beginners in tranquil Bora Bora Lagoon is the ideal place to start.

Before you head to Bora Bora go to a sports store and buy quality goggles, snorkel and flippers. Ask to try on several pairs to get the best, snug fit. And when you arrive in Bora Bora, you can build up confidence snorkeling in the shallows of the Bora Bora lagoon at your resort.

Snorkeling from Bora Bora beach
Begin your snorkeling experience in the shallows of your resort beach

Here's my mum's experience on her first Tahiti vacation: “We were staying at the Hilton and it was a few steps from our bungalow to the water's edge. I needed help to position the snorkel on the band of my goggles. After I pulled them on I felt uncomfortable as I took my first breaths through a tube in my mouth. My preference would have been to relax on a sun-lounge under a palm, with my toes in the white sand, but I picked up my flippers and began wading through the warm shallow water. As it became deeper I slipped a flipper onto each foot and pushed forward into the liquid turquoise. Instantly I forgot everything else. I was swimming in an aquarium with dazzling, brightly colored fish of various sizes. I was on a mission to discover new intriguing color combinations. From that moment there was not enough snorkeling time in every day of my Bora Bora vacation.”

St Regis lagoonarium
The lagoonariums are a great place to learn to snorkel

See the resorts with lagoonariums, that are a perfect snorkeling environment for beginners. Build up your confidence in the safe inner lagoon and then when you are ready, head out on a Bora Bora snorkeling excursion!

There is a snorkeling experience waiting for everybody here. Whatever your level of fitness, snorkeling for beginners in Bora Bora is easy because of the buoyancy of the calm water. I have been on a Bora Bora vacation with people of every level of water experience. Each one has taken the plunge with me. They all describe their delightful Bora Bora snorkeling moments as ones that they pull out and revisit over and over.

See the colorful underwater world

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