When is the best Bora Bora weather?

Motu tapu sunny with blue skyMotu Tapu on Bora Bora

I've been To Tahiti in the summer wet season and had some of the best Bora Bora weather, and I've been there in the winter dry season and had lots of rain (and rainbows). The only guarantee regarding the weather in Bora Bora is that it will be wetter and more humid in the summer months than the winter months.

The Tahitian winter is the best Bora Bora weather for you if you prefer less heat, humidity and wind. If you don't mind paying a little more, then go during high season to increase your chances of the best Bora Bora weather. We discuss this further on our best month to go to Bora Bora page.

If you want to save money, are on a budget, enjoy humidity, or want to avoid high tourist season, then the best time to go to Bora Bora is in the shoulder season or low season. I find that the more times I go, the more I appreciate all of the Bora Bora weather. Rainy days lend a sultry, exotic ambiance to adventures on the lagoon, which remains a brilliant blue.

See our monthly weather chart to find out day and night temperatures, rainy days, sea temperature and sunshine hours.

I do think that your first visit to Bora Bora is the most auspicious. As they say, first impressions count! Bora Bora is at it's prettiest with blue sky and sunshine. So, if possible, take your first trip during the sunnier weather in Bora Bora. I wish you lots of sunshine for your first vacation.

Once you know when to get the best weather in Bora Bora explore ideas for designing the Bora Bora vacation of a lifetime.

Best Bora Bora weather for each month of the year:


Wet season: humid – about 5°F warmer and a bit more humid on average. More rain on average than other times of the year. A rare cyclone may pass across the Pacific Ocean nearby, bringing several days of intermittent showers.


Wet season: humid – about 5°F warmer and a bit more humid on average. Higher chance of rain, which does cool the air.


Wet season: humid – about 5°F warmer and a bit more humid on average.


End of wet season: – shoulder season - more hours of sunshine.


Shoulder season: A beautiful time of year to visit.


High season – Dry season: Less humidity. Cooler air and water temperatures on average – south eastern trade winds are common.


 High season – Dry season: Less humidity. Cooler air and water temperatures on average. – south eastern trade winds are common.


High season – Dry season – south eastern trade winds are common. August usually has the least rain and less humidity.


 High season –Dry season


High season (usually ends on the 31st of October) – Dry season


End of dry season – late November wet season starts - starting to get more humid


Wet season: humid – about 5°F warmer and a bit more humid on average. More chance of rain than the other months.

Bora Bora is a unique remote tropical island destination. You can't rush out to Target to grab something that you forgot. There are specific items which you will need, depending upon the time of year you go. Here's what you must know about what to take to Bora Bora.

Wondering how to get the best Bora Bora prices, as well as the best Bora Bora weather? You can save thousands of dollars from the ideas in our 100 page e-book answering all the frequently asked questions around how to save on a Bora Bora vacation.

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