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kayak rental in Bora Bora

by Carol

I would like to rent a kayak and go on/in the Bora Bora lagoon. Can I do this at Matira Beach?
Another place?

Thank you,

Bora Bora Island Guide's Response:

Hi Carol,

Bora Bora resorts are situated on the lagoon and have kayaks available for guest use.

The only time Kayaks are not readily available is if you are staying at a Bora Bora Pension. Most pension owners are very helpful, and will be able to organise kayak rental for you. And many of them will also drop you off and pick you up from the lagoon.

Enjoy your time on the lagoon!

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Boat Rental in Bora Bora

by Fabiano

My wife and I will be in Bora Bora on 03 June, divers are certified and want to spend the week in the water. I would like to know more about the rental of boat that you've done, we will be in Le Moana and want to do the dives (snorkel) on our own, some tips on where to rent boats? prices?
Thank you.

Bora Bora Island Guide's Response:

Hi Fabiano,
Boat hire is available from La Plage. They are located 10 minutes walk from where you are staying at Intercontinental Le Moana.

I have found it difficult in the past to get communication from La Plage by email (they are on island time), so the best thing to do is to ask the Le Moana to call them to organize the hire. You can do this either before you leave for your vacation, or when you arrive there. The staff at the Le Moana Intercontinental are very helpful.

Be aware that almost all of the beaches on the island and it's motus are privately owned, so when you are driving around in the boat you can't just stop anywhere. La Plage will provide you with a map that will tell you where you are allowed to tie up to buoys and places you can stop.

There are some very good water excursion providers that I would highly recommend to show you their island and their culture. Christophe's Reef Discovery can take you to where the Manta Rays are for example. He knows places around the lagoon that you would not be able to find on your own.

My personal favorite tour provider is Lagoon Service. They even take you outside of the reef (which you can't do with the little rental boats) to snorkel with the sharks in the deep royal blue ocean. Taking a water excursion like Lagoon Service will also give you the chance to visit a beautiful motu.

I would recommend hiring the boat yourself for a day or two and also doing one or two lagoon excursions. It is approximately US$120 per 4 hour hire for the boats you can drive without a license. It is also possible to hire a bigger boat with a driver through La Plague.

Also, make sure you take the free shuttle over to the Intercontinental Thalasso. You are able to spend time over there as an Intercontinental guest. They have the best breakfast, a gorgeous beach (with the most beautiful colored water) and a very special deep ocean spa.

Enjoy your time in paradise!

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