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We have poured our hearts into creating this guide to the most beautiful island on earth (and our favorite place on earth). Now we are feeling the love back. Thank you to everyone who has paused between tempting photos of blue lagoons and white sand beaches to tell us how we have helped in planning the honeymoon, wedding or vacation of a lifetime.


S. Cadman · University of Guelph
I have stumbled on a gem!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge, this has helped a great deal.

L. Watton · TAFE NSW
Thank you ! What practical information..... I have learnt more from this website in the last 10 minutes than 5 other websites and its in Australian ! Well done love all the tips.

A. Denton · Manuel Luis High School
My husband and I are booked to go this May. Your input/advise are going to be very helpful and useful. Appreciate this site. Thanks.

M. McEnaney · The University of British Columbia (UBC)
Thank you for all the valuable information. We will be there in April on cruise ship.

K. Craft
Thank you, I too will be vacationing at the end of March and appreciate the helpful information.

M. Khatibi · Works at Kavian yadak company
Thank you, next our trip is only bora bora.

E. Deburgo Jeffords
You've done an exceptional job with your site! THANK YOU. My husband and I are planning our first trip to Bora Bora. I am learning so much! and thanks to your well put together site filled with useful information, you have already answered many of my questions! I am confident that by the time we board, all the little details will be ironed out and our trip will indeed be the trip of a lifetime! =) Thanks again!

J. Lene
This was great info! And very well written. I am going to the islands end of March this year and am so excited! :-))) Thanks for all the tips and for getting me even more excited to go!

A. Kocka · Fullerton, California
I too will be traveling to Bora Bora the end of March! I have been planning this trip for over a year and your site has been the MOST helpful :) Thank you! Can I ask where you got your "throw over" shirts? They are cute!

Caro PH
I wish I had read this before going to Bora Bora! This is very useful! :D

J. Zamudio · Gurnee, Illinois
Really nice and helpful info. Me and my friend are visiting the island for the first time by the end of April. I hope the weather is nice

N. Nıtram
Love this guide!! So helpful!!!

R. Velasco · Mailroom at Musiq Entertainment
Awesome website for an awesome place. Its what a guide should be, useful information without shoving a particular business down your throat.

 F. Contador
Happy!!!!!!!! We returned from Bora Bora last month and there really is no more beautiful place in the world ...
thank the tips and comments on the site, helped us in the choices we made ... Thank you very much and congratulations, the tips of the site are fantastic.

September Whisenant
Thank you so much for this informative article! As someone who loves to snorkel, I would have hated to have chosen a resort and then found out that better snorkeling was available elsewhere. I have "pinned" this article so I will have it to refer to when we finally get to go on this dream trip.

If you would like to leave us a comment, you can do so on the Contact us page. We hope to hear from you soon!

Island kisses,


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