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Bora Bora Private Island Wedding Ceremony

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Want a intimate, private Bora Bora wedding, outside of a resort? Here's how a couple chose to legally marry in Bora Bora and exchange their wedding vows on a white-sand beach.

This happily-ever-after story, from real life, was shared by Nelly Grange, a certified Tahiti wedding celibrant. Nelly can only officiate at a Bora Bora wedding outside of a resort, as the Bora Bora resorts each employ their own wedding planner and celebrant.

Bora Bora Private Island Wedding of Cammie & Bernard

Cammie & Bernard met some 12 years ago. How did they first run into each other? Bernard walked into work, and Cammie asked, “Where is your timecard?”

Although Cammie thought that Bernard was a crazy guy, they started dating at Cambria beach, a place they instantly fell in love with. As the years and their time together unfolded, they enjoyed many more walks by the ocean, at this little beach town, surrounded by pine trees and mountains.

To make a long story short, Bernard proposed 11 years ago. (Talk about an engagement!)  Bernard says that the best gifts in life come when you wait for them.

So when the Islands of Tahiti came on the radar for the holidays, Cammie decided the time had come to take the plunge. It was the perfect setting. Beach. Mountains. Ocean. Whoop! Whoop!

© Sadry Ghacir

Inviting only 4 of their closest family members and friends, Cammie, and Bernard booked a private sailboat in Raiatea. They sailed around Tahiti for an entire week, and stayed a few days in Bora Bora, to have a legal ceremony followed by a romantic ceremony on a beach.

Cammie didn't want extravagance, just something simple, which is why she chose to have her Bora Bora wedding outside of a resort. She opted to do her own hair and make-up, wear a plumeria (frangipani) flower crown and leis as adornments, have a water-side, wedding ceremony, and a special dinner at La Villa Mahana. 

My favorite moment from their wedding is when Cammie and Bernard exchanged rings, before the Mayor's representative, at the Bora Bora Town Hall. (This made their marriage legal.) Cammies eyes said, “This has finally happened!” And Bernard's shone with tears of joy.

As we left the Town Hall, the Tahitian boatman was waiting, strumming his ukulele while singing love songs, and he welcomed us aboard a very nice Cap Camarat boat. We headed to a small island, for a beach Bora Bora wedding outside of a resort, where Cammie could have the celebrant of her choice.

© Sadry Ghacir

The lagoon-side ceremony was very intimate. Just us on a private motu, with our discreet guide softly playing his ukulele in the background.

After the ceremony a few photos were taken, and the party re-boarded the Cap Camarat boat to enjoy a leisurely sun set tour of stunning Bora Bora lagoon. The wedding party completed a perfect day by dining at exclusive La Villa Mahana.

© Sadry Ghacir

Exquisite evenings complete a Tahiti wedding

Nelly Grange enjoys her work as it combines her passion for the Islands of Tahiti with her flare for creatively organizing all the important details that contribute to a perfect “I do” moment.

Nellie says that the perfect ending to a tropical wedding in Tahiti is a sunset that colors the sky a glorious mix of yellow, orange and pink, to compliment the glistening ocean. When the sky darkens, the star-filled beauty and peacefulness of being out in the vast Pacific ocean is surreal. Add the fragrance of exotic floral scents, wafting on the breeze, and that's why it's called Paradise.

More on having a Bora Bora wedding outside a resort

Here's more on how Nelly Grange can craft a personal Bora Bora wedding outside of a resort, while saving you money. Or perhaps you'd like to know more about how to marry in Tahiti on other beautiful islands.

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