Eating at Le Moana Bora Bora, outside the resort

Aloe Cafe offers simple and affordable dining

Staying at Le Moana lets you enjoy eating at Le Moana Bora Bora and visiting other Bora Bora restaurants. From here it's easy to get to the choice of other interesting Bora Bora restaurants.

Cheaper Bora Bora Eating

Le Matira Roulette

Want some tasty, less expensive food? Try the local mahi mahi or a grilled steak at this simple outdoor eatery and sample the Polynesian way of life. It's just a few minutes down the other side of the Circle Island Road. The folk who run it are very hospitable (and don't have email facilities). Mathilde at Le Moana reception said that she often gets an email from past guests asking her to take a message and photographs over to them.

Fare Manuia

This restaurant is to the right, just outside Le Moana and has a wood fired pizza oven in the terrace area at the front. The restaurant is inside. The food is simple and good. It is very popular with locals, especially on a Friday night. The bar is out the back, on the patio by the swimming pool, which was bought from the Hotel Bora Bora when it closed. This is a good place to go if you want to meet real locals.

Boutique Fareaui

This variety store, across the road from Fare Manuia, is a convenient place to buy cheaper water.

Snack Moihere

Located right on Matira Beach, this is a good place to get drinks.

Snack Matira

It's a pleasurable 15 minute walk to the left along the Circle Island Road, with lovely views of Matira Beach along the way. Locals rate this as the best of the Bora Bora snack bars in the area. As the owner Claude closes it from Christmas to the 6th of January we were unable to try it.

Chez Ben's

This snack bar is a little further on (and the other side of the road) from Snack Matira and serves basic hamburgers and fresh, island fish.

Aloe Cafe

Looking for lunch in Vaitape? Aloe (across and up the road from Chin's market) has simple, typical French influenced local cuisine including hamburgers and milkshakes. It's good value for Bora Bora.

Eating at Le Moana: Bora Bora Supermarkets

Chin Lee has fresh and packaged food

If you're keen to keep your food budget low, make sure you visit one of these early in your stay. You'll be shopping with the locals.

Tiare Mini-Mart is a 10 minute walk, to the right, on the Circle Island Road. This thriving little store is patronised by locals, and tourists from nearby hotels. There's plenty of choice to put together your own picnic lunch. Save money on water too.

Chin Lees at Vaitape (about $10 by taxi ride or hotel shuttle) has fruit, vegies, French bread sticks and some delicious cooked meats and seafood. Quality bottled water is very cheap here too.

Eating at Le Moana: Bora Bora Restaurants

Villa Mahana is perfect for a romantic dinner

Staying at Le Moana on the main island makes it easy to get to any of the interesting Bora Bora restaurants.

Their shuttle will pick you up from the cavernous covered reception area (great if there's a rain shower) and return you to the resort after your meal. We can recommend trying the fresh Polynesian food, right on the water, at the friendly Yacht Club or the 'feet in the sand' Kaina Hut. For amazing French cuisine book ahead for the best table at Villa Mahana. La Bounty is a 15 minute walk (north) from Le Moana and serves quite good French food, for less money.

Eating at Le Moana Bora Bora

Dining at the Le Moana Intercontinental resort is also very enjoyable!

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