Karekare Beach, New zealand

by Ben Martin
(Phuket Thailand)

I have also had the good fortune to visit some stunning beaches in my life... But there is one that remains my favourite no matter how many white sanded turquoise lagoons are thrown my way...

Karekare is Maori for "Wild and Turbulent waters".... and Karekare beach is most aptly named. Located about 30 minutes west of down-town Auckland, it shocks all that visit to see such raw beauty so close to what is NZ largest city.

The wet black sand reflects perfectly the lush native rainforest that envelops it. High cliff tops loom magnificently over rolling tussocked sand dunes and the small Karekare stream that sneaks its way to sea.

At the back of the small Conservation car park a small treasure awaits... 5 minutes away, tucked at the bottom of an unremarkable small path lies the breathtaking Karekare Waterfall. Complete with serene wading pool at its foot, it is a popular spot for a family picnic... as well as the young amorous of the area...

Karekare is a beach with a long history... of ancient Maori Pa sites (fortified villages), and colonial Kauri logging trails, there are enigmatic remnants still today to those with an eye open to them.

The area itself forms part of the Waitakere Ranges, a national heritage area, teeming with native trees, plants and an amazing array of bird-life. All which provide delight for the senses as well as the soul. The park's abundance of Conservation tracks give you every opportunity of fully experiencing its beauty.

The jewel in Waitakere's crown for me remains Karekare...

Not your typical beach...
The magnetic black sand resonates with an energy of tribal times...
the perpetual tumultuous whitewash bellows nature's ferocity...
while the towering ranges, smothered in green canopy, topped by century old Kauri, instil in us a humbled awe of how truly minuscule we are...

If the sun is shining your visit will be remarkable...

But if the wind is howling.... if midday skies are lathered black by brewing storms and a palpable electricity buzzes through the air...
...your visit to Karekare may just change you...

and you will understand why it will forever be my favourite beach... =)

Melinda's Reply:
What a beautiful picture you painted for us Ben of this rugged, wild and mysterious beach. Karekare Beach sounds like an a unique, exotic and raw experience.

I have visited Auckland a few times, but did not know about this beach. Next time I am there I will be eager to go and see wild Karekare with my own eyes.

Thank you for sharing this very special place with us.

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