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The name says it all! Moana Adventure Tours thrill Bora Bora vacationers with fun excursions around the best tropical island in the world. ‘Moana’ means ‘sea’ in Tahitian. Phillipe, the proprietor of this local company proudly told me that they see themselves as 'dream designers' who help visitors discover Bora Bora. They’ve been showing off Bora Bora for over 40 years. Moana now boasts the largest choice of Bora Bora tours and excursion activities available, and can tailor
one just for you.

Bora Bora tours for everyone!

As they have a variety of boat types, offering capacities ranging from 2 to 48 passengers, Moana Adventure Tours can conduct group Bora Bora tours with as much finesse as intimate, private excursions. Visitors are consistently impressed with their professional manner. And the friendly Polynesian guides 'wow' guests with the awesome scenery around the most beautiful island in the world, while also sharing their knowledge and culture.

Bora Bora excursions on Offer:

Our favorite excursions include a visit to a beautiful motu for a picnic. After this colorful experience you are returned to your romantic Polynesian bungalow having an even bigger picture of why, year after year, Bora Bora is voted number 1 island in the world by travelers.

Our Tips for the best Bora Bora Excursion Experience

Tip 1

During your vacation in Bora Bora you must indulge in at least one lagoon tour. We cherish our picture postcard Bora Bora vacation memories. Which include sensations of being in calm, warm water surrounded by 360 degrees of sensational blues! We also know that the scenery below the water can be even more spectacular than that above! Read how my mum, Gloria, fell in love with Bora Bora snorkeling the first time she put on goggles to look under water.

Tip 2

Ask your guide if he can take you through the pass to the royal blue ocean outside the reef. The deep, transparent water allows you to gaze way into the distance, and spot some of marine life that you would see on a Bora Bora dive.

Tip 3

Bora Bora tours are fantastic in a group. And if you have the money it’s worth paying the price for a private excursion. The cost reflects the island’s remoteness. Which is why it’s legendary beauty remains intact. Consider that this may be your once in a lifetime opportunity to scoot around the lagoon of what, year after year, is voted ‘the most beautiful island in the world’! You will replay your stunning, inner movies the rest of your life.

Tip 4

By pre-booking online you can save almost 30% on the excursion cost. Moana Adventure Tours have a history of consistently giving attention to detail in organizing bookings. Moana will notify the concierge at your hotel, and call you after you arrive to confirm your excursion date and time. You will be picked up (usually promptly) from your hotel dock, at the set departure time. Although they take credit card details to secure a booking, you pay for your tour in cash on the day. Bora Bora has several ATM locations if you need one.

How to Book

Want a dream you have, of exploring the world’s most beautiful island, made real?  Here are the Moana tours available. Check availability and reserve your spot now!

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