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St Regis Bora Bora Over Water Villas

Wondering if the St Regis Bora Bora over water villas are worth the money? Here's what makes them unlike any others in Tahiti.

Palatial Size

The huge one bedroom St Regis Bora Bora Over Water villas are the largest in Tahiti. With 1550 sq.ft. Of luxurious accommodation they're like over water mansions. There's also 5 palatial over water bungalows with two bedrooms and a large pool.

Eclectic mix of Traditional Materials & Elegant Comfort

Their Ceilings are the traditional, woven palm, with a high peak in the center. Walls are papered with natural fabric woven from pandanas. The flooring and louvered window shades are of exotic dark wood. Polynesian artworks (tapas) adorn the walls.

The bedroom is a more generous size than those at other Bora Bora resorts and has an energy that is both regal and intimate. Although the background surfaces reflect the tropical, island setting, the rich furnishings add an air of grandeur. The comfortable beds are dressed in pure white and have a colorful foot rug. The color scheme accentuates the surrounding blue water.

Romantic bedroom of the overwater bungalow

The large separate living room has comfortable contemporary couches, cushions, and woolen rugs which splash lively red, pink, or green colors into the earthy setting. The lavish bathroom (this is the kind you want at home) has a king sized tub and raindrop shower. The enormous size of the walk-in wardrobe suggests some St Regis guests aren't troubled by Air Tahiti's weight restrictions.

The bathrooms are large and lavish

There's a glass panel in the flooring under the coffee table in the living room, and another smaller one next to the bath. They showcase the turquoise lagoon and illuminate the room. But in this area of the island you won't see much marine life passing underneath. There's no coral gardens for snorkeling from the St Regis over water bungalows.

You can step outside the door to relax on an artfully screened, private terrace with padded sun lounges. It incorporates a thatched roof, dining gazebo with table and chairs, over-looking the lagoon.The 'white and weathered wood' theme is very picturesque against the azure lagoon. If you want to jump off the deck ask for one further out on the pier.

The large deck of the overwater bungalow

Idyllic Location

The St Regis over water bungalows are in a symmetrical formation, around 2 tiny, triangular shaped, sandy motus, which also have 2 long board walks extending out into the lagoon. At the center, amongst a lush tropical garden, there's a romantic couples' pool with gorgeous private cabanas. Two bridges connect the over water bungalow motus to the main resort. There's 5 different categories to choose from:

8 St Regis Bora Bora Over Water Villas
These 8 St Regis over water bungalows (1550 sq.ft.) sit along the first segment of motu after crossing the bridge from the resort's main facilities. They face across the lagoon to Motu Ome'e.

24 Superior St Regis Over Water Villas
Some of these (1550 sq.ft.) Superior villas (numbers 316 to 323)are positioned along the second triangular piece of the motu which has the couples pool located at it's center. The others (numbers 230,231, & 302 to 315) are along the board walk extension. Their outlook is across the water to Motu Ome'e and up the lagoon.

lay next to the lagoon on your own private deck

With a View of Mt Otemanu

32 Deluxe St Regis Bora Bora Over Water Villas
For about $200/night extra you can have the same over water bungalow (1550 sq.ft.) on one of the other sides of the triangular motu or board walks, with views across the lagoon to Bora Bora Island.

8 Premier St Regis Bora Bora Over Water Villas
In a Premier Villa (1905 sq.ft.) you can wake up to a great view of Bora Bora's signature peak. Each sits on an individual jetty along the side of the triangular motus which faces Mt Otemanu. If you want to linger around your bungalow, there's also a daybed and whirlpool on the deck.

5 Royal St Regis Bora Bora Over Water Villas
The 5 super sized Royal Over water villas (3,455 sq.ft.) offer absolute indulgence. Each has a large pool on the deck. Why have one when you can jump off the deck into swimming-pool-like lagoon? For the pure luxury of enjoying your own private pool with the blue lagoon and Mount Otemanu as the backdrop. With 2 bedrooms, and spacious living areas, these over water bungalows can easily accommodate 2 couples or a family.

The private entrance to a Royal overwater bungalow

They are positioned with more space around them, for extra privacy. Three villas (211, 214,216) sit peacefully on their own little jetties extending from the far side of the triangular motu. Two (122 & 202) have been placed at the end of the pier which extends towards Bora Bora, so they have awesome, uninterrupted views of Mount Otemanu.

Are they worth the Money?

Ask anyone who has stayed in one of the St Regis Bora Bora Over Water Villas and the answer is a definite yes. It's the nearest thing to heaven on earth.

When we consider what the smallest over water bungalows in Bora Bora offer, compared to the St Regis experience, and take into account the price difference, we concur. The St Regis price might seem outrageous, but it's worth it!

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