A vacation in a Conrad Bora Bora Bungalow

With a bungalow like this you don't even have to leave to have a good time

Wondering what a vacation in a Conrad Bora Bora bungalow is like?

On previous visits to Bora Bora we had stayed at the Conrad when it was under the Hilton flag, and we reminisced about our favorite moments of that tropical vacation for years to follow. (I still dream about the caramel ice cream by the pool). We were excited to experience the new Nui! During our 3 night stay in a Conrad Bora Bora bungalow we were pleased to see that everything we have enjoyed about the Nui had remained (even the caramel ice cream), and that the resort had only improved the experience it offers guests. The tasteful eye of a new owner has resulted in the most elegant decor of all the Bora Bora resorts.

During our stay in a Conrad Bora Bora Bungalow we spent a lot of time together as a couple in our bungalow.  We found there was so much to do and see around the resort, so we were constantly torn between enjoying our beautiful bungalow and heading outside to explore.

We could spend hours staring out at the horizon

3 nights was definitely not long enough to enjoy all there was to see and do at this resort. We would recommend a minimum of a 4 nights stay and 6 or 7 nights being ideal. As the Conrad is the only resort on this motu near the main village of Vaitape, the Conrad Nui  allows easy access to the village and the main island, so it is also a good base to further explore.

Every room has a view and perfect cuddle spot

Inside our beautiful Conrad Bora Bora bungalow

We were lucky enough to enjoy our Conrad Bora Bora bungalow stay in a two story Presidential Suite at the Nui. This is the villa that Kim Kardashian an her family stayed in. It is not often that we get the chance to live the life of the rich and famous, but here in Bora Bora, you can!

Pinch me I'm dreaming - this is really our home?

Everything about the bungalow was lavish and made you feel like you have arrived to heaven on earth. Every room has a view! And as if the view wasn't enough, each room was adorned with bright tropical flower arrangements.

Every time I walked into the bathroom I gasped

Getting around the Conrad Bora Bora Nui

Bicycles for lovers

When we could tear ourselves away from our beautiful Conrad Bora Bora bungalow, we enjoyed the breeze in our hair as we cycled lagoonside along the perfectly paved pathways  Unlike traffic back home, getting around at the Conrad Nui is pure bliss! Riding over bridges of turquoise water through the palm trees is a memory that will stay with us for a long time after we return home.

What we did!

No this is not a movie, this is real life

Although we had a private pool that looked out to the horizon from our Conrad Bora Bora bungalow, the pool at the Conrad is such a beautiful place to hang out. A whole day can be spent around the pool, enjoying the cabanas, swimming up to the bar and ordering a cocktail, sunning on the water immersed sun lounges, and enjoying fine cuisine from the sunken pool lounges.  It's easily to spend a whole day - or more - enjoying this area. The water sports equipment is right nearby too, so when we felt like getting up from our sunbed and being active we would head to the beach for a paddle.

Handsome pool boy, can you help me get it out of the water?

The pool boys are right on hand to help you with anything you might need. They will assist you into the water and teach you how to use the equipment if you want help. As they knew Tom and I were both Aussies who have grown up in the water, they knew that we were pretty self sufficient let us use the equiptment as we pleased. They still offered excellent assistance to help me bring the gear in and out of the water. We felt so looked after everywhere we went.

We also picked up golf clubs and balls from the Pool Cabana to try out the Mini Golf course. We all agreed that this was the most scenic mini golf course we had ever seen. Where else can you putt a ball between palm trees on a little motu surrounded by turquoise water!

Yes my golf ball ended up in the water

Our favorite thing to do at the Bora Bora Conrad Nui Resort is to snorkel. There is plenty of living coral and fish right below the over water bungalows. You can literally jump off your bungalow, or climb down the ladder, and start exploring. You can also snorkel along the main beach down the row of bungalows.

The beach snorkeling option is great for first time snorkelers or people who prefer to stay in the shallows. We headed out to the deep under the over water bungalows to see what we could find out there. More fish!

One of the best aspects about staying at the Conrad Bora Bora is the fabulous sunsets you get every night from your Conrad over water bungalow. No other resort faces the sunset directly to the horizon. We would spend our evenings before dinner enjoying watching the sun go down from our deck or in our pool.

What we ate

Our favorite place to have lunch was in the sunken lounge area next to the pool. You could order from the same menu at the Tamure Beach Grill, as well as order snacks and drinks from the pool bar. So you got to access both menus, with the best view.

We also enjoyed room service to our over water bungalow. This is a perfect way to share a private dinner for 2, without the added expense of a formal dinner set up by the resort.

What we think!

We loved every moment of our Conrad Nui Bora Bora vacation and found our Conrad Bora Bora bungalow to be the most luxurious bungalow we have ever stayed in. Staying in such a magnificent bungalow gave our vacation the "wow" factor that turned it into the ultimate Bora Bora experience. Staying in a Conrad Bora Bora Bora bungalow, particularly the Presidential Over Water Suite, is the perfect experience for a special anniversary, honeymoon or bucket list vacation. From snorkeling under the bungalows, to dining with our feet in the sand, to mini golf under the palms, to watching the sea life swim by on our over water bungalow deck - every moment at the Conrad was unique and memorable. We also found the Conrad Bora Bora Nui a perfect resort to combine with another Bora Bora resort with a Mt Otemanu view. Consider a 4,5 or 6 night stay here at the Conrad Nui, or pairing it with a stay at the Bora Bora Four Seasons or St Regis Bora Bora, for experiencing a perfect Bora Bora vacation with 3 or 4 nights at each. Just be prepared to leave wanting more!

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